FRIDAY, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Health/Mental Health

Rooting for Everybody Black: Incorporating African-Centered Values in Clinical Social Work
This empowering workshop will explore lessons learned from incorporating African-centered values to address mental health and substance use issues among youth. Utilizing a co-creation approach, African-centered values were incorporated to facilitate cognitive restructuring around individual and community perceptions, engagement and to improve treatment outcomes.
Razi Abraham, LMSW
Clinical Therapist, Youth Villages
Atlanta, GA

Anthony Estreet, Ph.D., LCSW-C
Associate Professor, Morgan State University
Baltimore, MD

Autism Awareness, Action and Advocacy in the African-American Community
This dynamic workshop will explore Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) within the African American community. Participants will learn the diagnostic criteria and interventions used with individuals with ASD and identify health disparities and challenges families face in ASD identification and receiving interventions. The implications of the role of the Black social worker in shaping policy and serving these families will also be highlighted.
Breanna Kelly, MSW, LCSW
Autism Project Coordinator, Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities
Decatur, GA

The Identity of Black Suicide
The rise of reported suicides in the Black Community can be attributed to multiple cultural and environmental factors. Professionals and community leaders are the first line of defense. This educational and dynamic workshop will address the cultural factors of suicide, assessments, safety plans, follow up and overall prevention.
Tiffany Person, LMSW
Health Science Specialist, Department of Veteran Affairs
Decatur, GA

Brandi Shine, MSW
Health Science Specialist, Department of Veteran Affairs
Atlanta, GA

Triggered...A Requiem of Healing
The “Triggered” experience is a one-man theater performance. The performance portion of the workshop is 65m with an all-male panel presentation and audience interaction for 55m. Don’t miss this transforming presentation-and exciting interactive participation--it’s time for healing!
Roxann Mascoll, LCSW
Social Worker, Brandeis University Counseling Center
Cambridge, MA

Keith Mascoll, SAG-AFTRA, AEA
Cambridge, MA

Martin Pierre, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist, HSP, Brandeis University Counseling Center
Boston, MA

Social Issues/Civil Liberties

Black for Life: Does Color Matter…If So, Who’s Minding Our Older Blacks
What does it mean to age while Black? This enlightening workshop and panel discussion will provide a lifespan perspective and statistical information on older Blacks and the biopsychosocial-spiritual factors which particularly affect their aging process. A model for policy and advocacy to address their needs will also be presented.
Mildred Delozia, Ph.D., LCSW
Chair, BSW Program-Talladega College
Talladega, Alabama

Patricia Wilkerson, Ph.D., LCSW
Associate Professor, Arkansas State University
Jonesboro, AR

Susie Spence, Ph.D.
Professor, Jackson State University
Jackson, MS

Community Corrections: Risk-Need-Responsivity (RNR) on the African-American Offender Population
This informative workshop will deliver an in-depth presentation of the Risk-Need-Responsivity (RNR) framework used in community corrections. Through this lens, participants will take a retrospective look at the field‚ practices and implications in the African-American offender population.
Joanne Lunceford, MSSA
Executive Director, The Peace Project
Whitehall, OH

Tammy Fournier
Author, Advocate and Community Organizer
Columbus, OH

Afrikan Jegna Collective Founders Forum
This session culminates the development phase of two of NABSW’s Afrikan Jegna Collective initiatives: the Afrikan Manhood Development and Healing model, and #Defend Our Village. It also launches the engagement phase of NABSW chapters and community-based partners. The Afrikan Manhood Development Model is an evolutionary, selfexplanatory initiative; while #Defend Our Village grew out of the 2017 Founders Forum dialogue which highlighted the top 20 U.S. cities leading in the rampant killing of Black people. Each of those cities are home to an NABSW chapter and prompted the Afrikan Jegna Collective to develop #Defend Our Village.
Joseph Jones, MSW, M.ED
Transition Coordinator, Chicago Public Schools
Chicago, IL

Anyika Nkululeko, MSW
Social Work Coordinator II, Santa Clara County Dept. of Family & Children's Services
San Jose, CA

M. Mtumishi Guynn, MSW
Children Social Worker and Community Activists, Crenshaw Subway Coalition
Los Angeles, CA

Professional Development

Use of the Afrocentric Perspective in an MSW Program: The Clark Atlanta University Way
This enlightening workshop shares ways in which others can utilize the Afrocentric perspective, in alignment with other models to complement student learning and understanding of how to assess clients‚ needs particularly among groups who have experienced historical trauma, oppression, and marginalization.
Kenya Jones, Ph.D., MSW
Assistant Professor, Clark Atlanta University
Atlanta, GA

Darrin Wright, Ph.D., LMSW
Assistant Professor, Clark Atlanta University
Atlanta, GA

Gerry White, Ph.D., LMSW
Assistant Professor, Clark Atlanta University
Atlanta, GA

Assessment of Student Performance through Simulation: Lessons Learned from a Pilot Study
How do schools of social work really know when students are prepared and equipped to practice social work? The best way is to require that students demonstrate their skills in a supported learning environment that replicates real world settings‚ simulation!!!
Sevaughn Banks, Ph.D., MSW
Assistant Professor, Master of Social Work Department, California State University, Stanislaus
Turlock, CA

Building Our Legacy: Ethics and Racial Equity in Social Welfare Policy - Part I
Participants of this interactive and didactic workshop, will explore social work ethics in a policy context, and consider strategies for their macro, mezzo, and micro practice, by exploring contributions of African American pioneers in social justice, as they relate to current civil liberty issues and racial disparities.
Dana Burdnell Wilson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, School of Social Work, Morgan State University
Baltimore, MD

Denise McLane-Davison, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, School of Social Work, Morgan State University
Baltimore, MD

Terry A. Solomon, Ph.D., MSW
Executive Director, African American Family Research Institute
Chicago, IL

NABSW Budgeting Basics 101
This session is OPEN ONLY to the National Executive Committee, National Committee Chairs, and local and/or student chapter officers/members who are responsible for chapter budgeting or financial management. Because space is limited for this workshop, chapters are asked to identify no more than two (2) participants. This session will also enable participants to provide this workshop information to their local chapters, and afford members with advance fiscal knowledge of NABSW’s fiscal operation in the event they chose to assume a leadership role at the national level.
Tamara Jackson, MA
NABSW Treasurer
Atlanta, GA

Addie Hudson, MSW
Chair, NABSW Finance Committee
Chicago, IL

Linda Thompkins, MS, MS
Co-Chair, NABSW Finance Committee
New York, NY

Lee Jackson, BA, CFEd
NABSW Bookkeeper
Atlanta, GA