THURSDAY 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Family Preservation

This is the Village: Building Community through Restorative Circles
What happened to the village? This informative and interactive workshop will allow participants to receive explicit tools on how to utilize and facilitate “restorative circles” to build and heal our families and communities through regaining our connectedness.
Keisha Allen, MS
Restorative Practices Trainer, Black Family Development
Detroit, MI

African-Centered Family Violence Service Models
The presenter will give an overview of the dynamics and types of family violence, the current responses to the problem, and how these approaches often are inappropriate for African American families. The presenter will also provide ways of assessing if a model is appropriate for working with African Americans.

Kinaya Sokoya, Ed.D.
President/CEO Sokoya Enterprises
Fort Washington, MD

Youth Development

It Takes a Village to Educate a Child
A disproportionate number of our youth are not achieving academic success. This interactive workshop will provide a forum for parents, educators, students and community members to understand the necessity of getting “the village” involved in our schools, and how this will break down barriers which may impact our youth from obtaining both academic and life-long success.
Theresa Parris, LCSW
Social Worker 2, NYS Rockland Children’s Psychiatric Center, Yonkers Intensive Day Treatment Program
Yonkers, NY

Sharon Gilham, MSW
Elmsford, NY

Health/Mental Health

Suicide Prevention among Young African Males: Implications for Evidence-Based Practice
The inordinately high incidence of conduct and behavioral health disorders among adolescent African American males living with symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress disorder is compelling. This workshop will enable participants to recognize the symptoms and utilize a cultural relevant model towards treatment and prevention.
Oliver Johnson, Ph.D., LCSW
Associate Professor, Fayetteville State University
Fayetteville, NC

What’s Eating You!
Are you/your clients emotional eaters? Food addiction is real and can lead to obesity. This workshop will focus on the impact and root causes of obesity and the science behind food addiction with emphasis on ways to eliminate the cycle of emotional eating.
Renetta Weaver, LICSW, LCSW-C
Clinical Director of Intensive Addiction Services, Department of Defense-Malcom Grow Medical Center
Andrews, MD

Paula Langford, LICSW
Director, The Healing Institute of Baltimore
Pikesville, MD

Table Trauma: A look at Microaggressions, Biblical Principles and the Mental Health of the Black Church
This workshop will focus on healthy and holy practices for healing from “Church Hurt” (trauma). It will also look at how trauma has affected the African American church from “the inside out” due to self-care and individualized relationships with God/Jesus/Higher Being having been compromised to fit into westernized biblical concepts.
Margaret Conley, LCSW, M.Div.
CEO, Consulting Falcon LLC and Circle Mending Life Concepts Empowerment Group, Inc.
Cartersville, GA

Help is Where You Find It: African Americans Psychological Well-Being and the Role of Natural Networks
This workshop will examine the adverse experiences and conditions which shape behavioral health disparities of African American families in our society. It will also highlight the strengths of natural networks of support and positive neighborhood characteristics which serve as protective factors against psychosocial distress, mental illness, and substance use in our communities.

Amittia Parker, LMSW
PHD Candidate/Graduate Research Assistant, University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS

Social Issues/Civil Liberties

A Decade’s Tale: Consent Decrees and Police Excessive Force
Within the past decade, heightened awareness of police use of excessive force has invited the US Department of Justice to conduct investigations on police department practices. This workshop will provide an analysis of these policies in various cities, as it relates to social workers being informed and engaged in advocacy within the African- American community.
Dasha Rhodes, LMSW, Ph.D. Candidate
Graduate Assistant, Morgan State University School of Social Work
Baltimore, MD

Davida Robinson, LCSW-C, Ph.D. Candidate
Field Liaison, Morgan State University School of Social Work
Baltimore, MD

Paul Archibald, Dr.PH, LCSW-C
Assistant Professor, Morgan State University School of Social Work
Baltimore, MD

Cultural Translation: Colloquialisms, Mannerisms and Advocacy for African Americans in Family Court
This workshop will explore how implicit biases may negatively impact the decisions made by court systems on families of color; and the skills social workers need to adequately advocate on behalf of clients who feel “voiceless” in an intimidating environment like family court. Participants will engage in constructive dialogue about how systems can apply laws more equitably across social and cultural class.
Sonji Walker, MSW, LCSW
Unified Family Court Mediator, Superior Court of California, County of San Francisco
San Francisco, CA

Military Social Work-Family Practice
Veteran Homelessness and the Supportive Services for Veteran Families Program
Participants will understand the basic concept of veteran homelessness and the family dynamics of day-to-day functioning of those most vulnerable to PTSD and substance abuse.
Melissa Smith Haley, LMSW
Program Director, Volunteers of America Southeast Louisiana
New Orleans, LA

Kiana Lumpkins, MSW Candidate
New Orleans, LA
Chapter President, Southern University

Davaughn Phillips, MSW
Program Manager, Volunteers of America Southeast Louisiana
New Orleans, LA

Professional Development

Black Like Me: The Impact of Culture Immersion at PWIs
PWIs have brought into focus the challenges Black students face and impacting their overall academic success. This workshop will explore positive academia success, the importance of how fostering same race, social, and faculty interactions can improve outcomes for Black students.
Saundra Starks, Ed.D.
Professor and MSW Program Director, School of Social Work, Western Kentucky University
Bowling Green, KY

Angelique Horace, MA
Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Social Work, Western Kentucky University
Bowling Green, KY

Monica Hines, MSW
Director, Training Resource Center, Western Kentucky University
Bowling Green, KY

Building Our Legacy: Ethics and Racial Equality in Social Welfare Policy - Part 1
Participants of this interactive and didactic workshop, will explore social work ethics in a policy context, and consider strategies for their macro, mezzo, and micro practice, by exploring contributions of African American pioneers in social justice, as they relate to current civil liberty issues and racial disparities.
Dana Burdnell Wilson, Ph.D., LCSW
Assistant Professor, Morgan State University School of Social Work
Columbia, MD

Denise McLane-Davison, Ph.D., MSW
Associate Professor, Morgan State University School of Social Work
Baltimore, MD

Terry Solomon, Ph.D., MPH, MSW
Executive Director & Adjunct Faculty, African American Family Research Institute & University of Illinois
Chicago, IL

THURSDAY 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Family Preservation

African Americans and End-of-Life Care Programs and Decision-Making: An Overview of Barriers to Participation and Strategies for Intervention
This workshop will address barriers to end-of-life care programs and the lack of participation and decision-making by African Americans in these programs. Using a comprehensive approach, the presenters will employ a framework inclusive of individual, organizational, and societal barriers; along with strategies, innovative approaches, and interventions towards overcoming these barriers.
Alicia Rollins, MSW, RCSWI
Clinical Social Worker, UF Health Shands Hospital
Gainesville, FL

Gwendolyn Robinson, LCSW, MRC
Clinical Social Worker, UF Health Shands Hospital
Archer, FL

Rev. Debra Hepburn, M.Div., CHNP
Chaplain Supervisor, UF Health Shands Hospital
Gainesville, FL

Susie Spence, Ph.D., MSW
Professor, Jackson State University
Jackson, MS

Health/Mental Health

Alzheimer’s and the African American Community
For African Americans, Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the 6th leading cause of death; and as a people, we are two times more likely than whites to have AD and related dementias. This informative presentation will give an overview of Alzheimer’s disease, which will include warning signs, how it affects the brain, risk factors, treatment, and offer hope for the future.
Fredericka Waugh, MSW
Associate Director Diversity & Inclusion, Alzheimer’s Association Delaware Valley Chapter
Philadelphia, PA

Health/Mental Health

Executive Functional Therapy
If you have ever questioned why you seem to make the same mistakes over and over; or maybe you can't seem to start, stop, or complete a task, then this innovative workshop is for you. Executive Functional Therapy (EFT) is an intervention created by the presenter and utilized to help people assess their thought processes through the lens of “individuals as organizations” with each of us having our own board of directors. Come find out “who” really is in charge.
Ronald Fletcher, LCSW, MSW
Executive Director, Educator’s Delight
New Orleans, LA

Technology in Practice: Using Technology to Increase Client Engagement
Mental health professionals are seeking creative ways to engage clients, especially millenniums who are relying more on technology to access mental health services. This workshop will close the technology divide between the practitioner and clients, by introducing HIPAA compliant, client-focused distance counseling and marketing strategies.
Paula Langford, Ph.D.
Director, The Healing Institute of Baltimore
Pikesville, MD

Lennie Carter, MS
Director, TruCircle-BC53, LLC
Centereach, NY

Time to Wake, Shake & Agitate: A Call for Action Beyond Being Woke
Being “woke” means being active. This enlightening workshop will walk attendees through a playbook of what social activism in present day America should look like in the areas of politics and social policy. A timeline of critical social policies relevant to blacks and other "minorities" will be presented, from both a current and historical context, so participants can embrace where our real “Power” comes from.
Jataun J. Rollins, LCSW
Author/Speaker, Jataun J. Rollins & Associates
Glenwood, IL

William H. Davis, Jr., MS, LCPC
Independent Contractor, Afro-Group
Matteson, IL

Social Issues/Civil Liberties

Teaching Social Action at an HBCU During the Era of Trump
“What’s next”? This presentation will be a reflective narrative and discussion of how three professors who are faculty in Schools of Social Work at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), engage their students in transformational learning from the aftermath of the 2016 election results. It will also address the importance of empowering and preparing future social workers on how to address social justice issues.
James Freeman, Ph.D., LCSW
Assistant Professor, Johnson C. Smith University
Gastonia, NC

Kenya Jones, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Clark Atlanta University
Atlanta, GA

Anthony Estreet, Ph.D., LCSW-C
Associate Professor, Morgan State University
Baltimore, MD

Sex Trafficking in the Black Community: The Elephant in the Room
This workshop will unlock the in-depth complexities that keep communities of color oblivious to sex trafficking in America. A historical backdrop will give insight into the various ways people of color are lured, exploited and enslaved, not only by traffickers, but those who purchase humans for sex. The presenters will offer real and viable solutions on how to respond to those who have experienced trafficking.
Consuela Douglas, LMSW
Therapist/Life Coach, Lavender Waters Consulting LLC
Douglasville, GA

Keisha Head
Survivor of Child Sex Trafficking
National Recognized Speaker and Advocate
Covington, GA

Social Issues/Civil Liberties

Homelessness: Where are My Keys? Families Experiencing Homelessness and Making Connections through
Cultural Identity and Awareness

This workshop will explore the root causes of homelessness among African American families and how the identification of cultural historic (African–based principles) strengths can be utilized as a framework to end the intergenerational cycles of poverty. The definition of homelessness will be fully explored as legislative initiatives have redefined homelessness and who meets the criteria.
Vivian Drayton, MSW, LSW
Educator/Consultant, Community College of Philadelphia/VMD Consulting
Philadelphia, PA

Dina Mitchell, BSW
Manager of Care for Parenting and Early Childhood Education, People’s Emergency Center
Moorestown, NJ

Child Welfare

The Use of Afrocentric Rituals in Treatment Foster Care
Over the past twenty years there has been an increase in the rate of African American children entering foster care. Traditional treatment models have not met the expanding needs of our children. This workshop will explore the importance of how using cultural rituals in treating our children is more effective towards inspiring complete “healing”.
Peter Fitts, LCSW-C
Maryland Regional Director for Foster Care and Independent Living, Progressive Life Center
Landover, MD

Lisa Green, LCSW-C
Program Director, Baltimore NIA Treatment Foster Care, Progressive Life Center
Baltimore, MD

Professional Development

Test Taking Strategies for Passing Masters and Clinical Social Work Examination
Will I pass or not pass the test-that is the question? This presentation will enlighten participants on how to successfully prepare for and pass the ASWB Social Work Masters and Clinical Examinations. Participants will engage in an interactive dialogue on what works and what doesn’t; along with being involved in reading and reviewing vignettes, requiring utilization and application of critical thinking, recall, and reasoning skills gained from the presentation.
Andrew Wilson, MSW, LCSW
CEO Clinical Director, Social Work Professional Services, LLC
Shreveport, LA

Financial Education: Show Me the Money
Social Workers are often tasked to assist others in the areas of finance and resource development; yet research has shown we lack the financial education which can provide significant and long-term economic stability for not only our clients, but for ourselves. This workshop will examine the principle that it is not how much you earn, but how much you can hold on to, by finding ways to make money work for you.
Johnnie Hamilton-Mason, Ph.D., LICSW
Professor, Simmons College School of Social Work
Boston, MA

Conrad Terry, Jr., MBA
Financial Planner, Stocks & Securities Exchange
Executive Director of Financial Understanding Now, LLC
Oak Park, IL

NABSW African-Centered Academy Orientation
NABSW's African-Centered Academy staff will host an orientation for all interested potential students. The Academy has been in existence since 1996, with a purpose to augment knowledge, appreciation, awareness and application of African-centered principles, frameworks, and values in social work practice. The current class will also make oral presentations of their African-centered Practice Model.
Colita Nichols Fairfax, Ph.D.
Paramount Instructor, NABSW African-Centered Academy
Washington, DC

Karen Allen, MSW
Professor, Howard University
Washington, DC